[Proposal] [Provider] HDFS

Hi community

How do you think about create a HDFS Storage Provider?
I would like to be able to create another storage provider like the yarn topic . Is there anyway to do it?

I wanna share with you this proposal document
Proposal Document

I look forward to your feedback !!!
Thanks @sergio_ocon for support

Hi Alberto,

Is this provider complementary to the Haddop Yarn one?

Do they need to work together - authentication, configuration- or can they be deployed independently? Is it possible to use HDFS without yarn or for other applications that are not Hadoop?


They can be deployed independently, We can use HDFS like a storage manager without Yarn. And you can use yarn without HDFS how storage provider. So they are completely independently, anyway they are usually used together

Hello @aljesusg

Thanks for offering to do this. @blomquisg, @Fryguy and I are still working on a provider incubation process that we will be publishing when complete.

In the meantime, I suggest you start working on this provider in your own repo. If you have any questions, @blomquisg should be able to help.

When this provider will become capable enough to be included in the ManageIQ Build, @Fryguy and @blomquisg will work with you on that. In so doing, you will help us crystallize the provider incubation process!


Great new !! thanks @chessbyte :grin: