Proposed split repo - manageiq-api

Hello all!


  • We’ve found a 8-10 MB drop in memory by not including the rest api in all processes and the split of that code into a new repo is happening soon.
  • Please come to our api gitter room if you have questions or have a PR that really should get merged before we split the repo.
  • This is the PR to keep an eye on.
  • There is a general guide describing how to migrate your PR from manageiq to a new repo.
  • We’ll announce the split when it completes along with thew new repo’s location.
  • The intention is to not break any previously public interfaces so please try out the PR above and comment there if you find problems.

If you have questions, suggestions, concerns, etc. please come to the gitter channel linked above. More details on the benefits of extracting this repo are in the above linked PR.


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Hi all,

The tentative date that we’re aiming to split the API repo is Monday, August 7th. @imtayadeway and @abellotti are working on getting a complex API PR merged into manageiq before the split. This is your last chance to speak up if you have any concerns or questions about the new repo or moving your existing PRs to the new repo.

If everything is on track, I’ll be recreating the new manageiq-api repo from manageiq on Monday since the current one is conflicted and will be further conflicted by any merges that happen between now and Monday.


Hi all,

The API git repo has been extracted from manageiq and now lives at ManageIQ/manageiq-api. The manageiq repo PR to use this new repo has been merged.

For the time being, we’re still using for discussion of the api.

As a reminder, any new PRs for the API will need to be opened on the new repo. There is a great guide if you need to move an existing API PR from the old repository to the extracted one.