Provider Azure and keypair

MIQ IVENCHUK-5 (even Jansa-1) same issue
All keypair from Azure provider are not included in the bdd .
in the evm.log i see my keepaire during the pool but can’t see it with the UI

MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Azure::CloudManager::EventCatcher::Runner#process_event) EMS as [39fa63e7-176b-422d-ad86-4fb4b0f7f5e0] Caught event sshPublicKeys_write_EndRequest for /subscriptions/******************/resourcegroups/RG_SD_EU_QA_WEST/providers/Microsoft.Compute/sshPublicKeys/BRO-AZ
Any idea

I’m afraid it’s not supported for Azure at the moment. I think it’s only for AWS (maybe other providers, but am not sure).