Provision Requests through API : advanced arguments

We’re working on Provision Requests through ManageIQ api (master.20151228111304_dc4f103), and we’re trying to create a provision request with advanced arguments like:

  • Cloud Subnet
  • Avaibility Zone
  • Subnet
  • Elastic IPS
  • etc…

We can do it through MIQ’s UI but it doesn’t seems to be implemented for the API.

Actually we seeked for its implementation and we found out that even placement_auto is setted as true in provision_virt_workflow model :

values[:placement_auto] = [true, 1]

Is there a way to create Provision Requests with advanced options and to make it work through MIQ’s API?

Thanks for your help,

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@gmccullough would you be able to assist @AlexLamande with this question, or forward to a SME.

There’s a BZ open about this:, and a workaround described at the bottom of this page: