Quota problems with vm_memory in a Service dialog

  • Note : This only affects quota memory calculations.

If you are using a Service Dialog with vm_memory or option_0_vm_memory you might get incorrect results.

There are 2 different problems that we encountered:

  1. Service dialog ‘vm_memory’ value is ignored in quota calculations.

  2. Service dialog ‘option_nn_vm_memory’ value is in bytes instead of megabytes. For example, a value of 8192 is 8KB and not 8GB.

This fix could change behavior on existing production environments so it will not be included in older releases.

More information here:

Issue Reported:


To Apply this fix:

  1. Create a writable, enabled domain.

  2. Copy the original method (System/CommonMethods/QuotaMethods/requested) from the ManageIQ domain to your writable domain.

  3. Update this method using the code in the fix above.