Quotas On Service Catalog Items

I have setup quotas on max cpu. When provisioning a vm from infrastructure-lifecycle the quotas are enforced. However when requesting and provisioning from a service catalog item the quotas are not enforced and I can provision as many as i want. How can I enforce the quotas on the vm’s that are provisioned via a service catalog item?

Quota is not yet implemented for services.

Is there an other way to get this working? It is a requirement in my organization to get this working.


You mention that this is not yet implemented. Do you know if there are any plans to implement quotas for services? I looked at Github issues and the Red Hat Bugzilla and did not find anything that indicates it is planned.

There is a Service Quota State Machine here that you can import


Thanks @ramrexx. I was not aware of this repository - it looks like there is a lot of great code there.

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In addition, I just updated the git page with a wiki for installation instructions.