Rails 5.2 Upgrade

Hi all!

We’ve been working on keeping our ruby and rails stack up to date and have finally made it through the changes in rails 5.2 that required us to rewrite some critical sections of our code to be compliant with 5.2. :tada: :partying_face:

Some of us were amazed when the cross repository tests went green :green_heart: .

Great thanks to @kbrock @NickLaMuro @d-m-u @chrisarcand @juliancheal and many others who reported and fixed many of the issues associated with the 5.2 upgrade. Also, thanks to everyone who released new gem versions to make this upgrade possible. :bowing_man:

All of the nitty gritty details should be found here but let me know if there was a pull request I missed in the comments below.

The main repository PR is here. Once we’re able to merge this pull request on master, you’ll be required to bundle update locally. I’d like to merge this on Monday. All of the PRs needed for rails 5.2 have been or will be backported to the jansa branch.

Please give it a test ride and report any problems or praises in the comment section below or if you get errors, perhaps open an issue and we’ll take a look.

Note, the rails train doesn’t stop and we’ll be continuing onto rails 6.