Rails 6.0 upgrade merged

Today, we merged a series of PRs to finalize the upgrade to Rails from 5.2 to Rails 6.0.

For the most part, changes to support this were relatively minor, so ideally little should change and the only action item that should be necessary is running a bin/update to pull in the changes.

General overview changes are as follows:

  • Updates to Gems to support versions of Rails 6.0
    • Many of which were our provider repos that needed updates, or custom gems we have written
    • Or custom support from us for Gems that are no longer developer supported (rare case)
  • Updating code base to use non-deprecated methods calls to ActiveRecord, ActiveSupport, etc.
    • Fixing things with ActiveRecord that changed
    • Updating tests to avoid “Deprecation warning spam”

With the full set of changes and PRs found in the Rails 6.0 Epic issues in GitHub. Also, many of the changes that could be merged previously have been, so as a result (and by design) the impact should be minimal.

That all said, if you have any issues with this upgrade, feel free to reach out to me in gitter ( @NickLaMuro ), or feel free to open up an issue on GitHub.