Raise EventHandler Memory Threshold

Hey Support,

currently, we have some log entries in our Appliances where the EventHandler is killed by reaching the Memory Threshold:

MiqEventHandler:2017-01-26T14:24:41:  419430400  :  13

In this line (it was aggregated by a script) the 419430400 is the memory usage and the 13 is the count of events with “evm_worker_memory_exceeded

My Question:
is it possible to raise the Memory Threshold for the MiqEventHandler ? We only found a “Event Monitor” section in the worker tab which is configured to 2GB.


Try looking in the advanced configuration tab where you can modify the full yaml file.

change the event handler section from:

    :cpu_usage_threshold: 0.percent
    :nice_delta: 7

Add the memory_threshold:

    :cpu_usage_threshold: 0.percent
    :nice_delta: 7
    :memory_threshold: 600.megabytes

Change this value to whatever you want to grow this value to.

Note, some of these worker memory thresholds were increased a few months ago, see here

thanks for your quick reply! I will try this tomorrow.
Is this change immediately active, or do i have to restart the evmserverd process?

we’re currently running the darga release, this change was deployed in euwe release. But thanks for the hint :wink: