"Re-check Authentication Status" from the Automate code

Hello to all,

Our OpenStack providers change its authentication_status to “Unreachable” periodically.
I have seen that an ems_auth_unreachable event is raised when this happens.

I would like to know if there is some way to run a “Re-check Authentication Status” from the Automate code.
My idea is to add this method when ems_auth_unreachable is runned along with other checks because providers in this state never recover its normal state automatically.

I have searched if there is some method that runs this functionality but I haven’t find it.

Thanks a lot,

Hi @ProdubanEs, you might want to see this pull request. That was merged and backported to the euwe release.

Awesome @jrafanie, thank you very much.
We are in darga but if I find time I will try to apply this commit to test it.