React Support in manageIQ core was merged


I just wanted to let other developers know that react support was merged in ui-classic master.

a follow up PR to add proper react testing using jest would hopefully be merged soon too.

This means you can now use react in core/providers. we have created a mounting service, in which you can connect an existing haml view and mount a react component into it, and if needed we can create an angular one too, as seen in this blog

This area is fairly new to ManageIQ, so one could expect some internal API, directory structure and best practices improve over time.

comments, concerns and questions are very welcomed.


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the jest PR is merged as well now…

Running the whole test suite:

yarn test

Running a specific test:

yarn run jest app/javascript/packs/hello_angular.test.js

Running with debugger enabled:

rake spec:jest:debug