Recommended backup strategy

I am currently working on backing up MIQ. I had tried VDP as well as database dump on sql but noticed if during the backup process process, if I did not stop EVM processes, the database will be defunct.

In Darga, most of the operations is done via appliance_console, rake evm:stop and evm:start do not seemed to work (it may be because I have not export the environment variable properly).

May I know what is the correct way for me to add the following in a scripted way:

  1. stop evm processes
  2. start evm processes
  3. stop postgresql db
  4. start postgresql db

What is the recommended way to backup my MIQ environment? Thanks.


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@gtanzillo can you review this question from @casius can forward to a SME if necessary.

Given the google ranking of this thread, I was surprised to see it’s unanswered :slight_smile: Can someone point to a distilled backup / restore strategy?

cc/ @ramrexx

Have a look at this:

Excellent, thanks @ramrexx ! :slight_smile: