Refresh Issues recently with Azure

A few weeks ago we installed manageiq as a VM on azure. It was working fine for two weeks then We noticed recently that last refresh there is an error below:

Error - About 1 Hour Ago
undefined method `sku’ for Azure::Armrest::Storage::Disk:0x000000148bc748

We already installed both gaprindashvili 4 and 5 but problem is still the same. The only relationship that it can see right now are under the network manager and Security groups. We even tried modifying the permission of the client ID from contributor to owner but problem still persist.

I just asked the question on the manageiq gitter.

It was recently fixed in manageiq in the PR So most likely it will be fixed in 7, as it just missed the 6 release

The PR also links to the RedHat Bugzilla at