Reg: Need help to understand real time use cases in using ManageIQ

I’m new to ManageIQ, But i have some knowledge on it . I would like to me knowledge on ManageIQ by implementing some real time scenarios or use cases to automate. Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Veera

Can you provide any examples of the kind of thing that you’d like to see? What did you have in mind by ‘real time scenarios’?

It might be easier for you to explain what you’d like to achieve, then we can best answer how you might be able to accomplish that using ManageIQ.

As an example, you might want to prevent any VM from starting if it has a known software vulnerability. You could achieve this by running a SmartState Analysis on your VMs to retrieve the list of software packages installed. You might then create a compliance policy that compared VMs with known vulnerable versions of packages, and marked such VMs as non-compliant. Finally you might create a control policy that prevents non-compliant VMs from starting.

Hope this helps,