Removing the directory structure of manageiq

As @chessbyte mentioned in his talk at the Design summit, one of our goals is to make it so the vmdb directory becomes the root of the project and everything else is split out. I’d like to discuss what that would take to accomplish now.

  • host - I know we are trying to just make sure all of the use cases are no longer needed before axing it, so that one seems on the horizon. @gmccullough, can you elaborate where this is?
  • build & system - I can easily rip these out into a new repo, but I don’t know the repercussions for the appliance build system itself. What would I have to change to make sure the build system continues to build properly? @jrafanie, @jprause, @joev_rh ?
  • lib - Gemifying each individual subdirectory will take time. There is a lot of entangled code there, and I think it will have to be done carefully. However, I think in the short term we could easily create a manageiq-lib repository of the entire lib directory. Perhaps we just gemify that whole thing, and say that manageiq-lib is a depedency of manageiq (vmdb). Then as we tease out individual gems, those just become dependencies of manageiq-lib. @chessbyte @roliveri Thoughts? This will probably affect the build as well.