Removing unneeded gems: rubywbem

In attempts to upgrade the fog gem pr, it looks like fog and rubywbem have a notogiri dependency conflict

  In Gemfile:
    rubywbem (= 0.1.0) ruby depends on
      nokogiri (~> 1.5.0) ruby
    fog (~> 1.22.0) ruby depends on
      nokogiri (

I have 2 options that I wanted to put out there:

1. change rubywbem dependency

nokogiri ~> 1.6.x

We have forked it anyway, and we have a few tests in there. We can upgrade and run the tests. This will take some work as the test were written a long time ago. I gave up after 20 minutes.

I’m under the impression that there are no test in manageiq around this area.

2. remove rubywbem all together

RubyWBEM is a pure-Ruby library for performing operations using the WBEM
management protocol. RubyWBEM originated as a direct port of PyWbem
0.4, updated to the svn head as of revision 120

/cc @rpo

Rubywbem is used by our storage subsystem - specifically to acquire SAN and storage array information through SMI-S proxies. Currently, the preference is to use native APIs to acquire this information, so it’s not clear how much it’s needed. Being able to access SMI-S proxies theoretically enables us to support given storage arrays before we have the opportunity to implement native support for them.

If we decide to completely drop support for SMI-S proxies, then this gem can be removed.