Renaming a VM through Automate

Hello everyone,

how can I change the name of a VM through Automate?
I know that I can find the VM like this

vm = $evm.vmdb('vm').find_by_name('websrv031')

But with which command can I now rename the VM? Is there like a list of methods or something available?

Thanks everyone!

Nobody has an idea? :frowning: Really trying to get this to work… The REST API of vmware sadly can’t do this, or atleast I can’t find out how…

Hey @Flaya1278 MIQ has support for #rename on VM and Template objects for VMware type VMs. Maybe someone familiar with automate (@pemcg ?) can help you add it to the VMware VM service model? I’ll add it to the builtin service model but there might be a way for you to add this to your existing domain

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Hi @agrare thanks for the anwser, appreciate it :slight_smile: would be really nice if someone eventually could help me, but it’s not urgent, especially around Christmas time.
I’m wishing you happy holidays from Germany and am really thankful for all the work you’re doing with the manageiq project and this forum.

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