Reorder (duplicate) order permissions

Hi, does anyone know the specific role permissions needed to allow a user to reorder (duplicate) a previous order? In the Service UI when they go to “My Orders” they cannot click on the arrow (>) to expand the selection in order to click the ‘Reorder’ button.

In their role they have complete access to the Service UI and everything underneath (including My Orders -> Operate -> Duplicate). The role they are using is a clone of the role EvmRole-user_self_service.

When I login to the Service UI with an account that has EvmRole_super_administrator access then I can click on the arrow and expand a past order and click the ‘Reorder’ button.

Any idea what additional permissions are required? Or is some other setting(s) required to give ‘Reorder’ access?

I am using gaprindashvili-7.