Repeatable Tests During Provisioning


I’m working on a team building and customizing ManageIQ. I’m fairly new to the team and one of the first things i noticed was how hard it was to test new or modified steps during provisioning.

The current way our team tests is to modify some code, put it in the right spot, provision a new VM, check code, delete the VM, repeat. Currently the provision, wait, delete steps take a total of 20-30 minutes depending on the VM we’re provisioning. This is not ideal.

There are currently two scenarios that i would like to improve upon if possible.

Scenario 1: Modifying a VM during Post Provisioning

Pre Conditions

  • VM has been cloned
  • VM has ipaddress and hostname setup
  • VM is able to be logged into (ssh)
  • $evm is filled with values to look like it’s gone through provisioning, example source template information is filled out, ip address and hostnames are present.


  • Execute some custom modification of the OS in the VM

Scenario 2: Pre Provisioning setup

Pre Conditions

  • $evm is filled out with VM, template, provider credentials, custom dialog variables, etc
  • Can access Provider infrastructure (example: vSphere) and query for information about our template.


  • Perform some action (example change hostname) then execute future provisioning step(s) and ensure that the action was performed correctly and not over-written

Obviously Scenario #2 is harder than #1 because we would need to “resume” a provision starting from a certain stage.

Any feedback on how we can setup a more streamlined testing environment would be greatly appreciated.