Repeating ERRORs in evm.log

Hi, I need help to get rid of 3 repeating error messages from evm.log. There are 3 similar error messages like this one every minute:

[----] I, [2020-10-08T10:09:43.984006 #3443:9b4600] INFO – : Q-task_id([r2315_vm_cloud_reconfigure_task_5472]) MIQ(MiqQueue#unget) Message id: [55877234], id: , Zone: [default], Role: , Server: , MiqTask id: , Ident: [generic], Target id: , Instance id:[712], Task id: , Command: [ManageIQ::Providers::Openstack::CloudManager::Vm.raw_resize_finish], Timeout: [600], Priority: [100], State: [ready], Deliver On: [2020-10-08 08:10:43 UTC], Data: , Args: , Requeued
[----] E, [2020-10-08T10:09:43.984095 #3443:9b4600] ERROR – : Q-task_id([r2315_vm_cloud_reconfigure_task_5472]) MIQ(MiqQueue#deliver) Message id: [55877234], Message not processed. Retrying at 2020-10-08 08:10:43 UTC

I have no idea what MIQ is trying to do - Request r2315 completed 4 months ago:

Does anyone know how to stop this task?

Thank you

I’ve found a related record in the miq_queue table:

Can I for instance just manually delete the row from DB?