Replication remote region from “region 0” failed

Hi there,I’m new to ManageIQ, I want to deploy a environment of three regions,I have followed the guide and successfully deploied “Region 0”.But when I want to replicate a remote region from “Region 0”,I got error like this:
“Replication configuration save 过程中出错:PG::InternalError: ERROR: pglogical is not in shared_preload_libraries : CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS “pglogical””。


Have anyone ever met this problem?And how to fix it?

btw,where can I find the deploy guide of multi-region?

Thank you very much!

postgresql-server version:

Hi @Fengqi_Lee

I went through MIQ multi-regions setup in my test lab , by following CloudForm’s HA Guide.

Sorry, I don’t remember I encountered your error message.

Thank you very much,I will try it tomorrow.