Report columns - available fields - custom fields

When creating reports, i’ve noticed a vast number of optional fields that have the title “custom”

Is it possible to edit these fields and specify the logic as to how they get populated?
if so, does anyone know how/where?

If I recall, custom fields are for user-defined data so you can put anything you want into them. Typically that is done at provisioning time, but there might be other instances where that data can be set.

@gtanzillo @gmccullough Do you know?

I believe that’s correct @Fryguy. But I think you need to use automate to get and set them. @gmccullough can confirm.

From automate we support CRUD on the custom attributes. The follow mixin gets added to objects that support custom attribute associations. As I recall the defulat automate model does not set any custom attributes, but it could be set from the provider inventory collection or other process.