Reporting a specific processes from VM does not produce any results


I am on CFME 4.1, and i trying to create a custom report.
The providers are VMWare and RHVM4.

The VMs have the VMware Tools installed, and SmartState is working for CMFE. (For VMware)
The VMs have the ovirt-guest-agent running, and SmartState is working for CFME. (For RHVM4)

I created some other reports (those do work fine), but then i found some interesting fields that i really want to use on a specific report.

I choose the fields “Processes: Name” and “OS.Processes : Name”.
I selected those in the report, but nothing shows up for that field.

I even tried to highlight a specific process, for example setting this in the styling tab: “Red Background = systemd”.
No improvement.

Acording to:

“Use Running Processes to view the information on processes running on a virtual machine. You must have domain credentials entered for the zone to collect the info for these reports, and the virtual machine must have been analyzed at least once.”

#1: The bundled CFME report “Running Processes for prod VMs sort by CPU” also does not produce any results.

#2: “You must have domain credentials entered for the zone”

That seems a bit ambiguos, active directory domain? vcenter user? rhvm user? or is the vcenter/rhvm user that i am using lacking permissions?
In the VMWare case, i dont have acces to it, but i do have access for the RHVM4. (i am using adming@internal)

If i check a VM (both VMware/RHVM4) in “Compute -> Infrastructure -> Virtual Machines” i see:

In VM, selectin a VM (has tools) (only for VMWare)
running proceses "not available"
event log “not available”

It looks that i am missing something.

Thanks in advance.

@gtanzillo can you review this question from @Guillermo_Reartes and forward to a SME if necessary.


It seems that i have found the answer myself, at least in the RHV case (cfme has direct-lun via iscsi).

I have yet to test it in VMWare with Windows, just to be sure.

Buried in the logs i saw:

[----] W, [2016-10-27T21:34:00.502708 #15121:fb598c] WARN – : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Redhat::InfraManager::Vm#running_processes) VM Process collection is only available for Windows VMs.

Are there any future plans for this to work in future releases?