Reporting issues with nightly builds

I’m new to open source so I’m not sure what the protocol is when it comes to reporting issues with nightly builds. I’m not sure if it’s like “yeah they are nightly builds and have issues so don’t report them” or if issues should be reported anyways.

In capablanca-2 there were a lot of issues around drop down elements in dialogs, but it seems like most of them have been addressed in the nightly builds. However, now I’m unable to have a dyanamic element that reads dialog_ values from other elements, which works in capablanca-2.

I could provide more details, but I’m not sure if this is the place. My main question is should I report nightly build issues, and if so, how should I report them?


Hi @sg_chris great question!

We’d sure love to hear about any issues you find while using the nightly builds.
You can report them here:

I hope that helps,

Thank you. I already see several issues that I ran into have been reported. I’ll see if my other issues are there, and if not, file a report.

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Excellent! Thanks @sg_chris