Reports Module not loading on ManageIQ

When I click on the Reports module then I get a blank page with an exception. The exception from the EVM.log is reproduced below. Thanks in advance for any pointers!!

E, [2014-10-12T16:10:24.823618 #8568:91b004] ERROR – : MIQ(abstract_adapter) Name: [MiqReport Load], Message: [PGError: ERROR: column “” must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function
LINE 1: SELECT “miq_reports”.“id”, “miq_reports”.“name” FROM "miq_re…
: SELECT “miq_reports”.“id”, “miq_reports”.“name” FROM “miq_reports” INNER JOIN “miq_report_results” ON “miq_report_results”.“miq_report_id” = “miq_reports”.“id” WHERE (“miq_reports”.id >= 0 AND “miq_reports”.id <= 999999999999) GROUP BY “miq_reports”.“id”]

Can you provide us with exact steps to recreate this issue. Does this happen after performing a specific action in Reports tree or just while browsing thru the tree gives you this error.

I think this is the issue being fixed in

I am not sure if the root cause of the issue is that select statement, i suspect that somehow the active tree id being used in this select is incorrect.

Sure - the error occurs when you click on “Cloud Intelligence” top level menu and then you select “Report”. The error occurs at that time. Hope that helps.