Repurposing GitHub Milestones

Greetings ManageIQ Developers!

We have decided to repurpose GitHub Milestones from their current usage of representing Sprints to a more standard usage of representing Releases. In this way, we can start setting milestones for GitHub Issues (and possibly PRs) to represent when we are targeting for them to land. We believe this usage of milestones will result in the community focusing on releases, rather than sprints. The core team will continue to work in sprints and do our Sprint Reviews. So, although this is a change, it should not result in much disruption for most developers.

Here is what this decision translates to.

  • Sprint information will now be available here.
  • All GitHub milestones representing Sprints will be deleted.
  • New milestones will be created to represent Jansa and all future ManageIQ releases.
  • Mergers will no longer need to set Milestones for PRs they merge.