Require an AMI image

Hi i was wondering if AMI image is available , so that it would be easy for me to use this appliance in the AWS .

Hi Neeraj,

Well,…not at this present time,…however, you could run:
qemu-img convert -f qcow2 -O raw nameofdownloadedimage.qcow2 nameofnewimage.raw

and then copy the raw file to your ec2 client directory.

Thanks for the reply Jprause. I would like to know on more thing.

I contacted AWS support , they require a modern kernel for this and they say this MANAGEIQ is 4.4 version and they support 5.1 and above ,by any chance can i get modern kernel with 5.1 or above?

Thanks in advance…

Hmmm,…I’m not sure I understand. Meaning, I see conflicting information on

Have you tried to load the MIQ appliance (after conversion to raw format) once you’ve copied to the ec2 client directory?

From what I can see their site provides a list of kernels that have been tested,…but that doesn’t mean that others that aren’t listed won’t work.

yep i have tried that but it doesnt work , volumes are not getting attached…

Would you tell me how does metering and billing happen in this appliance exactly, that would be really kind…Because am facing difficulty in knowing how does it happen…

Hi Neeraj,

Can you open your question about “metering and billing” as a new post. I’m afraid I don’t have insight on that question,…and your question may be overlooked under this subject.

John Prause

What is kernel 5.1? As far as I know the latest version on is 4.4.1.