Required field not working


I face a weird behavior on a dialog field.
I have created a lot of form but never encounter this problem.
On a Service dialog, I have some dropdown fields, some radio and some text box. For one text box, I set value type as string and tick the required box. When I want to order a service using this form, I enter some text on all field but after clicking submit button I get an error about “Username field is required”, but watching my form, I can clearly see that field have a value.

Has anyone encounter an issue like this?


@eclarizio Any thoughts here?

Did you physically type the text in the box or it was a result of autofill? It is known auto filled text may not be accepted.

That’s definitely odd. What version are you running? If we could get an export of the dialog as well that might help, but I can’t reproduce this issue locally.

I’m running euwe. I type the text in the field, it’s not an autofill result.
Find the export below:
dialog_export_20170320_084047.yml (14.5 KB)

The field which cause this is option_0_user

It seems that the problem come from the radio button. When I replace radio by a dropdown, I can’t reproduce issue.

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