Required pg-user permissions for external postgres db?

does somebody of you know what exactly permissions the manageiq database user on the database server needs when using a external postgres db?

Im struggling with insufficient priviliges on my managed database server. I found a thread where “fbladilo” said super user role ist required on the postgres server. In my environment super user priviliges aren’t an option and I think this it can’t be the solution to give this privilige. (manageiq deployment using external DB not working · Issue #168 · ManageIQ/manageiq-pods · GitHub)

I very appreciate your help!

I figured out that the following two privileges are required:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON TABLE pg_replication_origin_status TO ;

But this is still not suitable for a productive environment because the table pg_subscription is unique for a hole database cluster and not for each database.

Is it possible to operate manageiq under normal security conditions? ( without privilege escalation on the cluster for the miq user)