Required vlan field changed behavior and added prefix

Hey there,

currently we’re testing the new MIQ Casablanca Release and found something weird.

In our usual REST provision requests we defined a vLan field under “vm_fields” with our installVlan. Everything is fine so far… but:

in Capablanca this method changed, now we have to specify a vlan with the prefix “dvs_”.

My Question: why this was changed, and how could i know this ? Currently we have this information out of the evm debug log, but we want to have this information programmatically… is this possible somehow ?

Thanks for your support, looking forward to your answer.

@abellotti can you review this question from @schmandforke

From the REST API side, we just pass these parameters to the provisioning workflow, I’m not sure when the actual shift to dvs_* requirement happened, @gmccullough might know more.

Although I don’t suspect such changes to happen often, maybe we could document that requirement accordingly in



is there a possibility to access the networks from the REST-API ? or some internal methods so that we can build a method which we can trigger over API ?


?! nobody ?