[RESOLVED] Adding git repo to automate


I’ve got a problem with adding an Ansible’s repository. First time I’ve got this error:
[----] E, [2019-02-15T11:29:06.216565 #3131:12daf54] ERROR – : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::EmbeddedAnsible::AutomationManager::Refresher#refresh) EMS: [
Embedded Ansible Automation Manager], id: [5] Refresh failed
[----] E, [2019-02-15T11:29:06.217236 #3131:12daf54] ERROR – : [NoMethodError]: undefined method `inventory_id’ for #<AnsibleTowerClient::JobTemplate
:0x000000000c441950>  Method:[block (2 levels) in <class:LogProxy>]

And nothing was happen. But second time:
[----] E, [2019-02-15T11:32:36.983095 #30104:12daf54] ERROR – : MIQ(MiqQueue#deliver) Message id: [72475], Error: [{“all”:[“Project with this (na
me, organization) combination already exists.”]}]
[----] E, [2019-02-15T11:32:36.983285 #30104:12daf54] ERROR – : [AnsibleTowerClient::ClientError]: {“all”:[“Project with this (name, organization
) combination already exists.”]}  Method:[block (2 levels) in <class:LogProxy>]

And I stiil can’t see any repos in the UI.

Hm.Interesting. Now I can see the repo.

Procrastination wins. As usual :slight_smile: