[resolved] Issue with creating a service from orchestration template

Hi Guys, I’ve got a problem with creating a service from an AWS orchestration template. I get this error: “Please correct invalid Provisioning Entry Point prior to saving”. The default entrypoint is not listed under any domain in my Datastore (/Cloud/Orchestration/Provisioning/StateMachines/Provision/Default). I’ve recently upgraded to CloudForms 3.2. Is there anybody who can help?

UPDATE: The problem is that the upgrade to CFME 3.2 did not work out properly. The automation classes for orchestration were not defined after the upgrade. The question is, how could this happen?

Might be best to open a support case with Red Hat Support since this is related to CloudForms and not ManageIQ.


Well, it seems that during upgrade, the ManageIQ domain is not updated. To achieve this, you have to reset it:

source /etc/profile
cd /var/www/miq/vmdb
bin/rake evm:automate:reset

This will only reset the native (and protected) domains. Your own domains will remains as is.

Hi @fdupont, thanks for the tip. I actually did that but this didn’t help. What i did in the end was a reset of classes to default (Automate -> Import/Export -> Reset all Datastore custom classes and instances to default), which had helped.