REST and SOAP Parity

I wrote a script that used the SOAP API to pull together a daily provisioning report. I’m looking at refactoring it to REST, but it looks like there might be some things missing. Specifically, I was referencing:


after I queried a specific VM. Looking at the REST output for /api/vms/:id, these seem to be missing. Am I looking in the wrong spot, or were these not implemented in Botvinnik?



the documentation on the latest REST API version is not very good, but this can lead you:

Not sure if this feature is already available in Botvinnik, but I tried it on the latest CFME with API version 2.0.0 and the hardware and custom_attributes virtual attributes work, ws_attributes not.


FYI the SOAP API was already removed in the current master ( ) so the next release of ManageIQ should lack SOAP.

Milan Falešník, QE

Ah, thanks for the link to the other conversation, the ?attributes was my missing link. It looks like that is available in Botvinnik.


Actually, looking at it now, I think the ws_attributes were just promoted to top-level. The two I was using previously were ipaddresses and evm_owner_name, both of which I can request as part of the attributes list: