Rest API - Filter by tag


I was following the lab example shown on the Cloud Forms Now ( , but I got stuck on tags.
According to this resource, I should be able to filter resources (in the example vms, but I am more interested in service templates) by tags by adding <resource_api_endpoint>?by_tag=<full_tag_name>.

But this is not working for me; even though I have added tags to the vms/service_templates (and I can see the tags if I add <resource_api_endpoint>?expand=resources&attributes=tags), if I try to filter by any specific tag, it just return an empty list of resources.

Is the feature to filter by tags available on the Rest API?


I just tried the by_tag= on service_templates and does seem to work.

Is this still an issue ?
If so can you share the example query with by_tag that you have ?