REST API to add a CloudForm to Another As a Remote

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I am trying to add a CloudForm to another as a Remote, can I do it with the REST call I don’t see it in REST docs.

Little more detail about the situation:
I have CloudForm which is of type Global and I want to add another CloudForms to is as a remote one. I can do this through Web UI by EVM->CMFE Region -> Replication -> Add Subscription.

Can anyone help me here?

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Sorry, I do not know about CMFE Region :frowning:

a. Adding @abellotti , he may have more knowledge about this.
b. You should try the API category:

Thanks @Yaacov_Zamir for the reply I changed the tag to API.

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@abonas do you know anyone who can help me with this?

no, I don’t, sorry. tagging here a few people who might know @chessbyte @fryguy


The Replication feature does not use the REST API, but instead uses Postgres’ logical replication. To support it, you must ensure that

  • Each region has a different region number
  • Postgres’ port (5432) is exposed

To set it up, in the screen you mentioned, give the hostname, port (should be 5432), and database credentials of the remote Postgres database (or the database appliance if you are running Postgres in an appliance).

@Fryguy thanks for the reply, I was able to replicate using the UI but I wanted to automate it.
As you also mentioned the UI way to do replication, is there a way to automated the replication?

I don’t believe the ability to set up the replication is exposed via the API, so sadly, no.

cc @abellotti @chessbyte @mfalesni this might be useful for QE as well.