Restart EVM httpd


Darga comes with appliance_console which is really nice but if for some cases which I need to start httpd using apachectl instead of systemctl, may I know how can this be done?

Currently due to some internal hardening issue, httpd thread hung if I were to start apache using systemctl. I took a quick look into appliance_console.rb, if I am not wrong (I hope so), it uses systemctl to start evm. I do also see that MiqApache does used apachectl to start httpd, but I am not sure whether this is called by appliance_console somehow or another.

I tried the old rake vm:start way but does not seem to work too. Thanks.


@casius Apache actually gets started when the UI workers (or other workers that require a web server) come up. So to answer one question, appliance_console does not start apache.

You were correct to look into the MiqApache class though. The workers use it to starts/stop apache and it does use apachectl rather than systemctl.

If your issue is indeed using systemctl you may still be out of luck as apachectl is really just as bash script that uses systemctl under the hood anyway.

I hope this clears some things up.

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@carbonin, so, what is correct way to start/restart apache ?