Retirement date being modified by Time Zone

Hi everyone! New to ManageIQ/CloudForms here and setting up my first environment.

I set up an appliance set to US central time (Currently -5:00 UTC) - Central time is specified both in the appliance_console menu and in Settings --> Zones --> Server. When setting the retirement date of a VM, the retirement date ends up resolving as the prior date 19:00. Example: If I set the retirement date of a VM to 9/20, it actually marks it for retirement on 9/19 which has the unfortunate effect of retiring the VM a day early (Or immediately if I specify tomorrow’s date). Attempted to change a number of settings back to UTC time but did not seem to change anything.

Appliance is running CF

Suggestions for next troubleshooting steps would be greatly appreciated!

This sounds like a bug. Can you open an issue on GitHub: cc @gmccullough @dajohnso

This is a bug, specifically it’s .

Currently, whatever date you enter in the UI goes through a conversion to date (not time) and then conversion to a different timezone, possibly twice.

We have just merged which makes the code report (and store) the exact time (including the timezone) instead. And there’s another PR in the works that will update the UI so that you can choose a specific instant of time, not just a day.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Very helpful to see that it is a known bug. Thanks for the quick responses!