Retirement Function - delete/archive VM

Hi there

I’m trying to customize the retirement function.

What the customer wants:
The user retires a VM. It starts the retirement and sets the VM to “retired”.
After 3 days, the VM should be auto-deleted.

I’ve tried to customize the retire function and disabled the “delete” action. Additionaly, I’ve created a custom policy/action, where a VM should be deleted, if the retire state is longer than 3days.
Unfortunately this is not working.

Has anyone a better idea or best practice solution?


I would not consider it best practice, but here is what we do:

We have a Custom Button, that sets the retirement date to 2 weeks from now, removes visibility and powers off the VM. After 2 weeks the retirement process kicks in and deletes the VM. During the 2 weeks we use a Policy to prevent users from starting the VM as long as the retirement is set.
If the user needs his VM back we can just clear the retirement date and start the VM again

Buc could you share how you do that?
We recently had an issue on vm decommission and the teams would like to disable monitoring and power the machine down for 1 week then have it auto deleted.
I am extremely new on manageiq and could use any help you have.
Thank you

Just in case someone comes across this later: Retire vs Retirement date