Retrieve Chargeback Reports using RESTful API

I need to programmatically retrieve the ManageIQ’s Chargeback Reports due an integration with a third-party system. I already checked the oficial documentation, but I found APIs to do CRUD over the Chargeback system and its Rates and the generic Reports, but not the Chargeback Reports itself.

When I was googling for a solution, I found a Trello card saying that this feature would be implemented on Capablanca release, but I didn’t find a mention to it in the release notes.

Was it implemented or is it still a working in progress? If it is done, where do I find the documentation to use it?

The ManageIQ’s Report API already does what I was trying to do and is the answer for my question. I just tested in a lab and confirmed the results. =)

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Awesome @davivcgarcia,…thanks for the follow-up.