RFE: more programmer-kindly faultstring

I’m trying CloudForms in training, and I get some errors when I try to use SOAP API calls.
This contains faultstring such as:

  <faultcode xsi:type="xsd:QName">env:Server</faultcode>
 <faultstring xsi:type="xsd:string">Provision failed for the following reasons:&apos;Request/E-Mail&apos; is required&apos;Network/vLan&apos; is required</faultstring>

This message is kind for web UI users, but not kind for API programmers.
I did get Message-Paramerter mapping from Sample dialog template, such as “Request/E-Mail is owner_email” but if faultstring contains the parameter names itself, programming is much smooth than current situation.

I hope…

Provision failed for the following reasons: missing parameter ‘requester=>owner_email’, ‘vmFields=>vlan’ are required

I don’t have clear idea, but error responce also have ‘message’.

Provision failed for the following reasons: Request/E-Mail is required Network/vLan is required

Could display the parameter names directly in one of the messages?