RFE: Result of "Validate" in Automate should move to the top

today I had to code some stuff in Automate. I like the new editor window, it’s much more useful.

A little suggestion though:
When you click on “Validate” to make sure you don’t have stupid typos in your code, the result of that action is shown on the top. Although this is aligned to the rest of the UI, it’s a bit annoying if you have a large editor window.

Imaging you have a script with hundreds of lines of codes. You move to the bottom to click on “Validate”, then you have to scroll up to the top to see the result and scroll back down to the bottom to click on Save.

Just saying, it might be nice to optimze that a bit. :wink:

Have a nice weekend,

Hey Christian,

Thanks for the feedback on the new editor, we were so glad we could fix that up a bit.

As for the flash messages in the UI, that is a holdover from when the UI was an entire scrolling page. When it was moved into the “explorer” view, we moved the page inside the right cell and the flash message went along with it.

We currently have work slated to redo our page layouts with a more reponsive design and making sure the flash messages are always visible is one of my personal requirements, so I’m glad to hear that you agree. Work is still being prioritized so I’m not exactly sure when it will make it in, but it will be addressed.

Thanks again,

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