Right Size Recommendations


I’m working on feeding metrics from OpenStack to get the right-size recommendation page to work with its cloud provider.

I am having trouble understand what these three attributes mean in https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq/blob/master/app/views/vm_common/_right_size.html.haml:

  1. cpu_usagemhz_rate_average
  2. derived_memory_used
  3. max_mem_usage_absolute_average

Can someone help me define these?

Is cpu_usagemhz_rate_average the cpu utilization multiplied by the cpu clock speed?

What’s the difference between derived_memory_used and max_mem_usage_absolute_average. I see the later is a percentage. But of what? The total allocated memory of the instance?

Is derived memory the actual memory used by processes in the instance?


@marigold2048 Do you recall a document that had details on all of these performance metrics that might help @rwsu out?