Road Map for Ansible in CloudForms / ManageIQ?

With the announcement of Red Hat’s acquisition of Ansible, many of us in my neck of the woods are quite excited, as Ansible offers us manageability of more orchestratable* non-server infrastructure components than Puppet (which is part of Satellite 6 now). We are hopeful that this might mean Ansible integration might be coming to CloudForms / ManageIQ in the future, on a similar level to the Satellite / Foreman integrations we currently see in the products as they are to day, and feeling quite positive about that.

Does anyone in the developer community have any insight in this area? I realise it maybe early for a roadmap, but is there any interest at Red Hat in seeing tighter integration between CloudForms and Ansible and/or Ansible Tower? Are we dreaming realistically? Or is our Ansible/ CloudForms orchestrated network a pipe dream? :wink: Yes, there’s an infrastructure pun in there for the astute observer…

Hello Stephen,

Maybe this could be a good first look at what Red Hat think could be the interaction between CFME+Ansible+Satellite.

AllThingsOpen Blog


There’s strong plans for a tighter integration between ManageIQ/CloudForms and Ansible Tower (AT). Some possible options that we are looking into:

  • A “service type” in our catalog corresponding to an AT playbook invocation (Job or Job Template).
  • An integration similar to OpenStack heat where we can autocreate dialogs for Jobs/Job Templates.
  • A “method type” of AT in Automate.

Longer term, an AT provider would be possible where we can discover inventory in AT.

Of course, caveat lector, regarding roadmaps.

If you have any specific integration that you would like to see let us know in this forum!

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We’re wondering about Red Hat’s Virtualization options under the Cloud Modules, we don’t see much support for KVM for example and when are the CloudForms modules coming?

this seems to merit a new topic rather than re-use the ansible/cloudforms one?
in any case, can you please elaborate on the use cases you are missing? CloudForms does integrate with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization as a provider to manage RHEV/RHEL KVM based Hypervisors?