Ruby 2.0 update

I just wanted to give an update on the ruby 2.0 adventure.

We have been green with ruby 2.0 on travis for a while now but recently @Fryguy helped me get the
ruby 2.0 travis PR to build ruby 2.0 and conditionally ruby 2.1 while allowing for ruby 2.1 to build fast using travis’ fast_finish option. This pull request is basically complete, pending updating the centos appliances for ruby 2.0.

Note, we are dropping ruby 1.9.3 from running in travis mainly due to test speed.

Additionally, the code that generates the nightly community centos appliance has been updated to support building ruby 2.0 using ruby-install. This pull request is day(s) away. I will send another update when we have a nightly centos build with ruby 2.0 that is “consumable as a nightly build.”

Finally, if you’re a developer hacking on ManageIQ, it’s time to install ruby 2.0.0 if you haven’t already.

I am using ruby-install and chruby locally on OSX and put together a few notes on some of the things you might run into with ruby 2.0. Please open pull requests to make any changes or additions for rvm, rbenv, etc.

Did I forget anything? Any questions?


Please write this up as a blog post and issue a pull request for the repo in the /source/blog/ directory.

All the stuff has been merged, so this is basically ready. @jrafanie Can you put together the blog post?

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Yes, I’ll be putting some information together for a blog post.

Feel free to leave any questions in this thread and I’ll provide any answers/suggestions.

Ok, so I got hung up starting on the “migrating identity” section of the blog post. So, here’s the WIP blog post:

We’ll post some more information as we develop some of the tools further.