Running an Ansible Tower Job from a Button - No Button Typ 'Ansible Tower Job'

Hi all,

my ManageIQ Instance is Ivanchuk-4 and I just followed

I have a AWX added as a provider to my ManageIQ instance and did all the preparation in AWX. I also create a service dialog in MIQ from the AWX template.

Everything works fine until I want to add a new button via the GUI. I would assume that I could see there a Button Typ 'AWX or Ansible Tower Template. But the drop down (see attached) only offers Default and Ansible Playbook.

If I choose ‘Ansible Playbook’ , I cannot choose my AWX template from there.

Would be great if anybody have an idea.

Thanks in advance, Best regards, Marcel.

That button type is for running an embedded Ansible playbook service (see also this description ). To run a Tower job template service you still need to follow the procedure in the original article, and use the ‘Default’ button type.

hope this helps,

Hi Peter, works fine now following your approach.
Thanks a lot !!!
Best regards, Marcel.