Running ManageIQ on an Enterprise Application Server

Does any one aware whether we could run ManageIQ on an Application Server like JBoss, Tomcat, Websphere --etc?

Does ManageIQ comes in an EAR format to deploy on to an Application Server?

Also, it supports writing its data to a relational database like Oracle or MySQL --etc?

Hello @Ram,

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ManageIQ is written in the Ruby programming language, and ships as either a virtual appliance or a container image. We use a PostgreSQL database. The appliance includes a copy of Postgres which is set up automatically for you, and you are also able to use an external Postgres database.

See our getting started guide for more information:

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Thanks @geertj for your prompt response.

To achieve HA and to implement Multi-layered enterprise level architecture, I would require to setup multi node ManageIQ Appliance which spread across different physical locations.

Also, how can I point all these multi nodes to point to a single Postgres database? Is there any document which explains to deploy these architecture and implementation?

Hi @Ram,…take a look here for more info on HA: