Save json data to vmdb for Report

Hi guys. Do know how to save data to vmdb for some Custom Report? I have external data from platform in json format. And I need to use such data in custom Report. How to save data in cfme ? Is it even possible?

What kind of data?

We do support storing custom data, in the form of Generic Object Definitions & Generic Object instances, but the reporting engine does not support generic object instance fields as a source.

Any chance your data fits something ManageIQ already models?

Either that, or you’d need to add your own model, migration, and include the model in manageiq/config/miq_expression.yml's base_tables secion.

The data are performance data - CPU, disk usage.
Ok thanks I will look at ManageIQ models and miq_expression.yml

The data are performance data - CPU, disk usage.

That would be what we call Metrics. (Used, for example, by the Compute > Containers > Overview charts.)

Normally, ManageIQ collects it from providers, but this script is what I use to generate random metric data when testing, may be useful.

(Not sure this can be populated via our API.)

Thanks a lot for your help.
I will look at this script.

Yes such data are normally provided. It is not special.
But we need to get the data ‘manualy’ by powershell script from platform.

(můžeme mluvit česky? dívám se že jsi z Brna, je tu možnost poslat osobní zprávu/mail?)

Could you please help me explain how to work with this script. How do you use this script for testing?

Right, the idea is, you run the script in the manageiq/ folder, it connects to the database and generates random metrics data for every Container provider and Container Project.

So if you already have the data, the script should show you everything you need to get the data into your manageiq database.


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ok I will send you message in Linkedin

Is is possible to talk via Linkedin or use another portal or have some skype call? Because I need to talk directly or share desktop. so this forum is small for this discussion.

If you are a customer, I suggest going through the proper channels.

If you are not, I’m sorry, I don’t do support calls.

Feel free to describe your issue here, and people will take a look,
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Hi @tapinka, as @himdel mentioned, if you are a subscription customer, you should have direct contacts for official support. Community support is best effort through this forum and on gitter. We do not offer personal support calls here. Thanks for your understanding.

Hi cybette, yes I understand. thank you.

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