Scale from vmware to openstack


i whant to build a cloud bursting between a vmware private cloud and openstack public cloud?
Redirect trafic between
First Vm( Private cloud : vmware) ==>; second VM(public cloud : openstack)
second VM must a replic of the first

1- ManageiQ can help me to achieve that?
2-any idea or documentation ?

Can ManageIQ help?
Probably? I am pretty sure ManageIQ can do that, however I think a lot depends on the details of your actual use-case. More than this gut-feeling answer is going to require a lot more information on your setup :slight_smile:

Getting a VM should be the easy part. You can start a VM Provisioning Task from anywhere in Automate, you just need a VM Template ready to go in VMware and OpenStack.

Routing the traffic is not primarily a ManageIQ problem. You will need to setup Networking first with whatever tools you have available and figure out how ManageIQ can integrate with that second.

Regarding Documentation
This question is too general to point you to something specific. If you haven’t come across it I always recommend The Automation in Cloudforms Books and the RedHat CloudForms product documentation, which is more complete than the upstream MangeIQ docs


I just read the conversation about this with Fryguy on gitter.

What are the conditions for that cloud bursting to happen? Triggered by some monitoring system? based on CPU/Memory of the VM? By the application itself?
What are the conditions to scale in again?

ManageIQ listens for all events in vCenter, if vSphere sends a event, you can use that as a trigger. There is also some internal Matric Collection, but I am not super familiar with that, so I don’t know its capabilities of the top of my head. If the trigger is external, ManageIQ lets you do pretty much everything via the RestAPI

thanks for you
cloud bursting is triggered following a PIC on Using RAM
for example when we expect 80% use of RAM
in this case it is necessary
an alarm that creates an event for the flow that redirects to the other VM that exists in openstack

sorry, what does PIC stand for?

The question was who generates the “Memory usage exceeds 80%” event? I think ManageIQ can do that, but I haven’t used that feature yet, you would have to consult the documentation (as I said, the CloudForms documentation is more complete and usually works just as fine on ManageIQ)

The PIC is the point where the use reaches for example 80%

I have not yet found in the documentation how to program mettric and alarms to redirect to another zone (openstack)
that’s why I ask , manageIQ can do this
or I have to pass by other tools exmple Ansible or other
thank you

There is CloudForms own Policies System (named Control in the UI). I think the condition you want should look like this, and the Action is probably to run some custom Automation

Only somewhat related, there is the event switchboard in Automate, which lets you hook in the eventing system. IF the policy systems does not do what you want, you may be able to define the Event in vSphere and react to it in ManageIQ

Not sure if that helps