Scheduling a Catalog Request

Is there a way to schedule a catalog request for later?

Not out of the box. You could provide this type of functionality by adding a date or date/time control to you service dialog and evaluate it during one of the service state-machine.

For example, the approval state-machine could evaluate the field and request that the state-machine retry that step in a specified period of time. Thereby delaying the approval process and the start of the request.

That makes sense.
Thanks for your help and providing a path forward.

We’ll do some testing and see if we can get it working.

You could always run an api script via cron. There’s an example script here:

Usage: service_via_api.rb [options]
    -s, --server server              appliance to connect to
    -u, --username username          Username to connect as
    -p, --password password          Password
    -c, --catalog name               Service Catalog Name
    -t, --template name              Service Template Name
    -w, --wait seconds               Wait time for service completion in seconds
    -o, --dialog_option <key,value>  Parameter (key => value pair) for the service


~/service_via_api.rb -s miq02 -c 'All Services' -t 'Test Service' -o service_name,"test service" -o service_description,'test description'

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Thanks for your help.

Implemented retry at approval state machine level by comparing current time with scheduled time, that works great to delay the job. Is there any alternate to schedule it to particular date/time by collecting information from service dialog(end user), instead delaying a job when it is more than a day.