Scrutinizer added to the manageiq-ui-classic repo

As you may have noticed, we have recently added Scrutinizer [1] to the mangeiq-ui-classic repo. The reason for that was that CodeClimate [2] removed support for the filtering feature [3] that allowed easy finding of problematic spots in the codebase. Scrutinize has such feature [4].

I have been looking at other projects such as Codacy [5] and Codebeat [6], but Scrutinizer made the best impression on me.

There’s a numbe of other project that might be useful, please, share your experience and suggestions here.

The Scrutinizer setup on manageiq-ui-classic is not complete. PRs should not be considered blocked by Scrutinizer. However the issues reported by scrutinize may be useful as hints on what to improve on our PRs.